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As men have more bone weight, muscle mass, organ tissue than women, as well as a different hormonal balance, the male body has its own particular needs. Throw into the mix the usual hectic and demanding lifestyles of most men and the importance of their nutritional requirements being met in order to help support health and vitality seems clear.

Yet the figures show that obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are still more prevalent amongst men and yet the amount of men that visit the doctor is significantly less than women. Female health articles receive regular coverage, yet in the media there is a lot less male dietary information to chew on.

Avocado Nutrition designs programmes tailored to your needs, so whether you want to enhance your sport potential, achieve sustained energy and be mentally alert, or address specific health issues, we can provide you with food for thought and a way to take back control of your own health.

If you would like to discuss how Nutritional therapy might be able to help your health, please contact Anna for a chat or book in for a consultation.

Are you looking to resolve health issues such as these? We may be able to help you.